We Got Funding! (And More Info!)

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It’s time for an update on The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You!


Starting off with the big news, we received funding! As part of the process, we’ve been applying for grants in order to help fund the show. Today, we received confirmation from the Arts Council that Blue Elephant Theatre will receive a grant for the production of Fantastical…! What does this mean? Basically, funding means more money will be available for things like props, costumes, talent fees, etc. Having that larger budget means, for example, if we’re able to offer a bit more money for actors’ fees, it’s more likely we’ll have more actors show up, meaning a wider pool of talent to choose from for the cast, which directly impacts the awesomeness of the show. Exciting!


We’ve recruited a few more crew members, including a Stage Manager, someone to film the trailer, and (awaiting final confirmation) a composer! There are still a couple more roles to be filled and hopefully we can get that conquered soon. It’ll also be the first time for years I’ll be working with a Stage Manager who’s not Amanda McLeod, the woman (and close friend) who’s stage managed the majority of my productions. It’ll be an interesting adjustment for me, but Ina seems lovely and comes well-recommended.


In other odds and ends, we’ve drafted an audition notice and auditions are now three weeks away. It still needs to be finalised and posted, but things are sneaking up quickly. I’ve written a tiny new addition to the play, so there’s a bit more near the ending. Plus, it’s really kicking into gear the admin-type organisational director duties I need to get done before auditions get going. We’re starting to enter the period when the real work happens and excitement builds!