The End of “Click” — For Now

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Unfortunately, “Click” did not make it through to the final round of Off Cut. At the end of it all, I am very proud of the work the wonderful cast has put in to the project. As mentioned in a previous entry, I truly believe the audience choice came down to taste, rather than quality, as every play in the group could conceivably have gone forward. Whether or not I agree with the audience’s choice, I can only step back and say that I certainly have a different taste than the majority of people who attended the performances of Group 4 of Off Cut 2011. It’s certainly a shame “Click” didn’t go through, as I truly believe each one of those actors deserved to be seen by more people.


Hats off to the wonderful team, the cast of Sara Bahadori, Joseph Browder, Stephanie Toghill, and Ryan Witchert, and our playwright, Mike Carter.


Gift from the Cast of "Click"

A gift I received from the cast of "Click" — A card with a badge and a very fitting (and sweet) mousepad.