Review of Addition: An Unconventional Love Story

See Magazine

Publication Date: 17 August, 2009

By Kathleen Bell

★★★1/2 out of 5

Can three people exist together in a loving relationship? I mean, that sentence doesn’t even sound right — we are so used to “relationship” referring solely to couples, not threesomes. But writer/director Justen Bennett delves into the subject matter with wit and open-mindedness. Unlike your traditional romance, Addition goes sex first, love later when long-term couple Ben (Robert Medeiros) and Logan (David Johnston) pick up Daren (Richard Lee) at a bar and take him home for a ménage à trois. As a result of too much chitchat outside the bedroom, the three form a bond that goes far beyond the proposed one-night stand. However, Addition has the same fault as most conventional love stories, in that it doesn’t take its story past the point of promises and sweet kisses. I was left questioning whether a threesome could really last forever, or even for any time at all

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