Review of Addition: An Unconventional Love Story

Edmonton Journal

Publication Date: 17 August, 2009

By Iain Ilich

★★★★1/2 out of 5

Sharp, witty writing and engaging actors make Addition: An Unconventional Love Story a solid Fringe choice for those looking for a smart, sexy romantic comedy with a refreshing twist.

Ben and Logan, a cute gay couple in a long-term relationship, are searching for something new to spice up their lives now that romantic evenings of Scrabble no longer satisfy quite like they used to. Out of the blue, Logan suggests a bit of fantasy fulfilment: ask a third guy to join them for a night of passion. While initially skeptical of the whole threesome thing, Ben is won over, and they sheepishly take their manhunt to a gay club. Within short order, along comes Daren, a buff young university student they convince to go along for the ride, even though they don’t seem entirely convinced that they should be doing this. All doubt is cast aside back at their place once Daren removes his clothing, and the trio gleefully sprints to the bedroom.

That’s when the twist comes in… and it all unfolds wonderfully from there.

There are a few slightly flubbed lines here and there, but the delivery is lightning-quick and the script is great.

[On August 21, 2010, Edmonton Journal also published an article naming Addition: An Unconventional Love Story one of its Picks of the Fringe]
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