The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You


  • “Well-timed, sharp, funny…an engaging and moving piece of theatre.”
    Time Out (Full Text)

  • “Beautifully written…touching and sad, yet still full of humour. It leaves a lump in the throat and a longing to go on that journey with someone by your side.”
    What’s on Stage (Full Text)

  • “Arch, refreshing…”
    The Stage (Full Text)

  • “Poetic and evocative…Bennett’s direction is masterful.” (Full Text)

  • “Romantic, witty, and irresistibly quirky…there is not one dull moment in this show.”
    UK Theatre Network (Full Text)

  • “Hilarious, heartbreaking…Bennett’s gift for playing with words created some of the funniest conversations and scenes I have heard and seen…the most beautiful piece of theatre I’ve seen all year.”
    StageWon (Full Text)

  • “Funny, energetic, playful, charming, exciting…a real adventure from start to finish and a powerful, emotional journey.”
    What’s on the Fringe (Full Text)

  • “Charming…riveting…”
    Entertainment Focus (Full Text)

  • “Original…beautifully romantic…”
    One Stop Arts (Full Text)

  • “Funny, emotional…directed with a deft hand.”
    Spoonfed (Full Text)

Beautiful Thing


  • “…heartwarming and beautiful.”
    See Magazine – (Full Text)

  • “…joyous and touching.”
    Edmonton Sun (Full Text)

  • “…an intimate two-hour slice of life that explodes with pain and anguish, yet is also tender and sensitive.”
    St. Albert Gazette (Full Text)

Addition: An Unconventional Love Story


  • “Sharp, witty writing…a smart, sexy romantic comedy with a refreshing twist.”
    Pick of the Fringe
    Edmonton Journal  (Full Text)

  • “Believable, funny and sweet…a complete treat.”
    Pick of the Fringe
    Vue Weekly (Full Text)

  • “Writer/director Justen Bennett delves into the subject matter with wit and open-mindedness.”
    See Magazine (Full Text)

  • “…Takes on what could be a very awkward topic and treats [it] with such human warmth that you could actually see yourself in the same situation.”
    –Fringe Patron

  • “The humour is sharp and clever…one of the most enjoyable plays I’ve been to in a long time.”
    –Fringe Patron

Mockingbird Close


  • “…one of the most gripping one acts I’ve ever seen.”
    Vue Weekly (Full Text)