The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You

Premiered at Blue Elephant Theatre as an In-House Production
(June 2012)


Leaping between moments in time, from train cars to undersea exploits to low-tech laser tag, two people pull each other along an impulsive journey through memory, adventure, and a relationship on tenterhooks. They bend narrative to their whim, battling with lists, reconciling with biscuits, and running from a reality they can’t decide to embrace or defy.

There are moments in life that everything is either before or after; The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You is about those.


Premiere Production – Blue Elephant Theatre – June/July 2012
Staged Reading – Blue Elephant Theatre – October 2011

Media from Blue Elephant Theatre Premiere


  • “Well-timed, sharp, funny…an engaging and moving piece of theatre.”
    Time Out (Full Text)

  • “Beautifully written…touching and sad, yet still full of humour. It leaves a lump in the throat and a longing to go on that journey with someone by your side.”
    What’s on Stage (Full Text)

  • “Arch, refreshing…”
    The Stage (Full Text)

  • “Poetic and evocative…Bennett’s direction is masterful.” (Full Text)

  • “Romantic, witty, and irresistibly quirky…there is not one dull moment in this show.”
    UK Theatre Network (Full Text)

  • “Hilarious, heartbreaking…Bennett’s gift for playing with words created some of the funniest conversations and scenes I have heard and seen…the most beautiful piece of theatre I’ve seen all year.”
    StageWon (Full Text)

  • “Funny, energetic, playful, charming, exciting…a real adventure from start to finish and a powerful, emotional journey.”
    What’s on the Fringe (Full Text)

  • “Charming…riveting…”
    Entertainment Focus (Full Text)

  • “Original…beautifully romantic…”
    One Stop Arts (Full Text)

  • “Funny, emotional…directed with a deft hand.”
    Spoonfed (Full Text)


Addition: An Unconventional Love Story

Premiered under How Far? Productions in the 2009 Edmonton International Fringe Festival
(August 2009)


Addition: An Unconventional Love Story is about a couple, Ben and Logan, who become a little bored with their sex life. They decide to experiment and end up inviting Daren, a guy they find at the club, back to their place for a threesome. From there, the relationship between these three men go to a place none of them expect. Addition… is a rom-com where boy and boy meet boy.


Production – How Far? Productions (interPLAY Festival) – August 2013
Directed Reading – Edmonton Artists for Life – April 2010
Premiere Production – How Far? Productions (Edmonton International Fringe Festival) – August 2009
Workshop Reading – NextFest – June 2009


  • “Sharp, witty writing…a smart, sexy romantic comedy with a refreshing twist.”
    Pick of the Fringe
    Edmonton Journal  (Full Text)

  • “Believable, funny and sweet…a complete treat.”
    Pick of the Fringe
    Vue Weekly (Full Text)

  • “Writer/director Justen Bennett delves into the subject matter with wit and open-mindedness.”
    See Magazine (Full Text)

  • “…Takes on what could be a very awkward topic and treats [it] with such human warmth that you could actually see yourself in the same situation.”
    –Fringe Patron

  • “The humour is sharp and clever…one of the most enjoyable plays I’ve been to in a long time.”
    –Fringe Patron



Premiered under Walterdale Theatre Associates at Walterdale Playhouse
(May 2009)


Selection is about a neurobiologist, Peter, so entrenched in his religious beliefs he can’t face the truth of his own identity. Switching between Peter’s troubled relationships with his lover, Dale, and minister father in the past and his current life with wife, Josephine, and gay son, Nate, we see Peter’s battle with play out. While working with his lab partner, Kate, he discovers the gene that can ‘switch’ the sexuality of a fruit fly. Peter’s reaction to this discovery ignites an fight with his son, forcing Peter to confront his own fears and deceptions.


Premiere Production – Walterdale Playhouse – May 2009