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The past period I’ve spent trying to arrange meetings and make contacts. Last week I met with a potential Stage Manager for The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You. The conversation went quite well and he’s due to get back to me by this weekend in regard to a final decision, pending a reading of the script, as I want to ensure the play is a fit for everyone involved. In an independent production environment you can’t afford to have people on board who don’t believe in the work you’re doing.


Today I scheduled two meetings. One was with a designer, however she was ill and we have to reschedule. At the moment, I don’t know if Fantastical will require a full-on designer, as I have to ensure that the production team will fulfil the needs of the play but remains lean for necessity’s sake. In case this changes or future potential collaborations arise, I’m still quite keen to meet her.


The second meeting was part of a wonderful program here in London called Artists’ Advisor. Essentially, I qualified to meet with Michael Atavar, of the Oval House Theatre for a 45-minute advice session. The primary points of interest I had for Michael were:

  1. Potential venues/companies I should approach that would be open to Queer Theatre
  2. Networking opportunities in London
  3. Rehearsal space suggestions
  4. Differences in audition posting, media approaches, etc. in London vs. in my own experience


It was a very fruitful session and I walked away with over 4 pages of notes in my notebook of Things to Research. I’m building my giant Production To-Do List (which I shall save as a template to serve me through future productions, as I haven’t actually recorded such a list as of yet) and his suggestions will likely add a step or two and definitely expand some steps I’ve already marked out. I’m extremely grateful to him for the time and the advice and would encourage any eligible artist to check the program out.