Fantastical… Rehearsals — Day 13

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Friday, June 15

Working & Run

Did a bit of tidying up this morning and went right into a run. The show has been improving each day and it’s so promising to be able to recognize that. Instead of taking notes throughout the run this morning, I just sat back and watched, going through those notes I remembered only afterward by skimming through the script and seeing what came back. It helps to see the play as a whole and avoid the missed moments and interruptions to your connection to the actors that can happen when you put your head down to write. I’m so pleased with the work Max and Ryan are doing.


I haven’t mentioned it much before, but Ina, our Stage Manager is also quite amazing. Reliable, helpful, talented, and warm. The best Stage Managers I’ve worked with, whether as an actor or director, somehow manage to ride this incredible balance between being firm and getting things done, while also maintaining an admirable friendliness and warmth. Ina’s been such a pleasure to work with so far and it’s been absolutely wonderful having our little family of four in the rehearsal room every day. Plus, of course, our Lighting Designer, Karl, who’s been in most of the days this week, participating in the show with a smile every time. I’m very excited to see what his lighting design brings, come Monday!


Ina, Our Stage Manager


Semi-Open Run

Today marked the last of our Semi-Open Runs. We had a nice-sized group today, too. It’s an interesting atmosphere as you’re in a room full of supportive people, but who are spending their time watching out for ways to clarify the show. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s an interesting mix of feedback that comes through from these and, while I do appreciate the ways in which these runs have helped us focus parts of the show, I’m excited that the next time a group of people will see it will be an audience whose goal is to enjoy the show rather than analyse it at Tuesday’s preview.


Over the weekend, we’ll be appearing in Soho for the opening of the 2012 World Pride Festival on Sunday afternoon. If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out! And Monday is our big get-in and tech day, complete with Q2Q, so I am very excited for that! I may know all the sound as, aside from what James composed for the show, I’ve done the sound design myself, but Karl’s alluded to some lighting fun and I can’t wait to see what he’s been putting together!


Pic of the Day

Ryan Prepping for Our Semi-Open Run