“Click” Tech Rehearsal, Fantastical… Auditions, and a Show

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Yesterday was a rather busy day. Started out in the morning with tech for “Click” which went quite well. Some of the lighting states weren’t quite what I’d imagined, so I needed to do a little on-the-spot rethinking, and overall it worked out smoothly. We even had time to fit in a tech run on top of the level- and cue-setting. It’s looking good, so get your tickets!


Next up was a trip directly to Blue Elephant Theatre for four hours of auditions for The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You! Saw some wonderful talent and am having a think on the decisions for casting, as there are a few things to consider. Very excited for the reading. Tickets for that are free and it’s a one-night-only event! I even have a friend from Canada who’ll be in town for it!


Last up in this update is a note on a show I saw, “Seemingly Invisible” at Blue Elephant. A lovely little puppet piece and, had the run not ended today, I’d saw a nice little show to see. I left a little unsure of some of the characters’ roles in the overall story and unsure about a few of the images, but overall the piece was sweet.