Fantastical… Rehearsals — Day 14

Monday, June 18

Rigging, Focusing, and Hanging

This morning, Ina, Karl, and I were in early to set up Karl’s lighting design. Karl is really the only true designer on the show. We have no set and I put together the sounds (aside from what James composed) and props (with a few things gathered by Ina and Alice), so lighting is really the only traditionally designed element of the show. After a few hours, we hung lights and curtains and Karl focused and put in his cues. Plus, we had awesome dance music in the background!



One of the longest rehearsals is always the Q2Q (Cute-to-Cue), wherein we go from one cue to another, skipping the play and setting up the tech for the first time. We couldn’t set the sound as equipment we were expecting had not arrived, so we spent 5 hours on the lighting cues. It was a long day, but the five of us were joking with each other and helping the time pass easily. Karl’s design looks design I’m excited to see a full tech run tomorrow!


Cast and Crew Bonding

Last week, Ryan had the idea that the group of us should spend some time together outside of the show. Since today was a long, hard day and the last evening we had before audiences start coming in, we decided that this was the day. After our Q2Q, I ordered pizza for Max, Ryan, Ina, Karl, and myself and we chilled on the floor, eating, chatting, and watching Up, which neither Ina or Ryan had seen before! Of course, it’s an amazing movie and it has incredibly helpful examples of clear and effective beats! So perhaps not purely entertainment, I suppose. Either way, it was a fantastic way to spend our final non-audience night together, given how much time we’ve spent together the past few weeks and the sheer amount of fun we’ve been having working on Fantastical…


Pic of the Day

Karl focusing our lights!

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