Fantastical… Rehearsals — Days 9–11

Monday, June 11


Back to working and reworking units. Started the morning looking at a monologue with Max, and later Ryan joined us for the rest of the rehearsal. Taking some areas I’d identified on Friday as ones I wanted to look at and tweaking.


The afternoon we did a run and a bit more working. It was a rather light and easy day.


Pic of the Day

Ryan Catching Max in the Nick of Time!


Tuesday, June 12

Movement Work

David came back in for his final session to tweak the movement sequence he’s developed with us. He’s wonderful when it comes to imbuing movement with intention, so the majority of the time was spent working on that. By the end, while the differences weren’t broad strokes, all the tiny details transformed the piece and I’m delighted it’s part of the show.



More working and runs. Took some time to ensure we went over areas the actors felt concerned about. I remember being in a show once where there was a scene I never felt fully comfortable about. I wasn’t sure how I was presenting myself and if it was what I intended or what it was supposed to be, or just completely off the mark. I never really got any notes about it and because it was a large show with a large ensemble of us, we didn’t spend a tonne of time going over that scene. After the show, I spoke with the director about the experience and mentioned that I’d never really felt good about that scene. Turns out, he felt a bit of the same and wished I’d said something to him. Because of that experience, I try to remember to ask my actors if they’re feeling anything similar about a section I may not be focusing on.


From that prompt, we gathered an updated list of scenes I wanted to work, added one or two from the actors, and it was a great opportunity for me to answer some questions about the play. Being a writer/director can mean you sometimes assume that others understand references and allusions within the show that you’ve spent time writing and analysing, when sometimes not all of those things fully click. It’s eye-opening to talk about an actor’s perspective on a section or just learning that there are some things they may get the general sense of, but don’t completely come together. When you do talk about those things and see the connections being made and how it suddenly makes more sense and how that carries into the scene, it’s a fascinating process to be part of.


Radio Interview

Following rehearsal I did a brief radio interview for Out in South London on Resonance 104.4. I spoke a bit about the show and hopefully got a few more people interested. The other guest on was Penny Arcade, a renowned performance artist. She spoke about her show, Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!, and I’m hoping to be able to catch it. It opens a week or so after The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You, so you can easily check out both!


Pic of the Day

A Tangle of Boys


Wednesday, June 13

Costume Shopping

We started the day by searching for workable jeans for the show. Thankfully the boys are the same size, so it makes things easy for emergency pairs. Unfortunately, we learnt, as we scoured ASDA and Tesco for budget-friendly costuming, that jeans smaller than a 34″ waist, or even a 32″, are hard to come by, so we had limited selection for the 30″ size that we needed. Thankfully, we found a few workable pairs and even tested them right on Tesco’s floor! Though, we may or may not have frightened the employees as we did.



Even more working! Even more runs! That’s what rehearsals are about now. Broke down a few more moments and made some excellent, excellent progress with one section. I spoke earlier in this entry about how being a writer/director allows you to answer some questions with great specificity, but that doesn’t mean you have all the answers, either. Though, just because I don’t know something about the play doesn’t mean it’s not true; there are always discoveries. I may have part of the feeling or know in my gut what should go on, but the actors (and often actor questions/puzzlements/dilemmas) bring out the need for more digging you and discover the ‘more’ within a moment that you may not have dug to yourself, but is still true and ends up adding these fun and delicious other layers to everything you had before.


Pic of the Day

Costume Shopping (and Testing!) at Tesco

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