Profiled in the Fort McMurray Today

I’ve just been profiled in the Fort McMurray Today, the local paper of my home city. It’s actually a rather long article, which is a pleasant surprise. I did the phone interview last night and it went up today. It talks about The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You and of course focuses a lot on how growing up in Fort McMurray impacted my career in theatre. I’m been so lucky to have quite a number of people comment on and share it. Hopefully it’ll mean even more people will come out to see Fantastical… and we can share that story with them!


London Playwright Got Start in Fort McMurray


To read the full article, follow this link.


And if reading this (and the rest of my blog) has you interested in seeing The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You when it premieres June 19 — July 7, you can visit the Blue Elephant’s website for more information or to buy tickets!

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