Fantastical… Rehearsals — Days 1—3

I’ve been so busy doing things for The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With You that I haven’t really had the time to blog about it! (Not to mention the other blog posts reminders I have piling up in my inbox!)


Not much time for a massive, in-depth post as I’m already past what should be my bedtime for rehearsals tomorrow (today?). Will try to sum up as best I can!


Monday, May 28

Meet and Greet

The morning was primarily spent in a Meet and Greet with the crew who could come out. Beforehand, I had a quick bit of time with just Ryan, Max, and myself to say ‘Hi,’ and connect as a small core before bringing the rest of the crew in. That was important to me, given that it’ll primarily be just the three of us for the first week and even after that, only Ina, our Stage Manager, rounding out the group. It was about establishing that core and then inviting everyone in, rather than establishing a larger group and separating ourselves out.


The Meet and Greet was rather nice and we had a bit of table chat followed by a read-thru of the entire play. It was energizing to hear the guys read the play for the first time together, as they’d not read together at all during auditions or callbacks. You have to love when it starts to sound right from the get-go.



The bulk of this week is dedicated to play. This is the time we first encounter the text and it’s about throwing out ideas, trying things out, going back, trying new things out, working out the things we’re trying to see if they have legs, and letting impulse lead the way. It’s an exciting time, in that you see so many possibilities come out at once and it’s always a ‘honeymoon’ phase. The difficult part for me, and something I still slip in to and have to remind myself to step back from, is seeing something that works well and going back to tweak it and tweak it again when there are still other ideas we can explore that could work, either just as well, not as well, or even better. The joy of realising potential and pushing an idea further and further is one of my personal rehearsal process highlights and part of the reason I love directing.


Picture of the Day

Something I’ve been doing is to take a picture each day of a moment in rehearsals. All too often in the rehearsal process we get caught up in our own tiny insular world of that select group of people in the rehearsal room. We forget there’s a world outside and we forget that the reason we’re doing all of this is for everyone outside the room. There isn’t always the time to write a blog post but sending out a glimpse each day of what we’re doing is an accessible and immediate connection we can make. We share a little bit of that process with those most important people who will be part of the final product: the audience. All too often a play is only about what goes on stage and that’s all we allow our audience members to see. Those with whom we share our stories are the most important in their way, so I always love it when we can find an appropriate way to share a little more about the story of how we get to sharing our stories. Below is a snapshot of our Meet and Greet.


Meet and Greet


Tuesday, May 29

The morning was spent with more play, experiments with cookies and physics, and a bit of a whirlwind of emotion given the units we looked at.


Trailer and Publicity Stills Shoot

Tuesday afternoon we ventured out to Ruskin Park to meet up with James Byrne who filmed some footage for our trailer and took a few publicity stills to boot. While I did direct most of the shots, the majority of our time there was spent laughing at Ryan and Max who were having an absolute blast playing in the park while James just filmed them. I can’t wait to see the trailer. I know all that joy and fun will just shine through in it; perfect for the show!


Picture of the Day


Trailer Shoot


Wednesday, May 30
Most of today was spent playing through the rest of the script. Originally we were set to record some voiceovers for the trailer and the play itself, but we encountered a couple technical difficulties. In light of that, we ended up finishing up our play stage and getting a little ahead of schedule into blocking. Tomorrow and next week we should make headway on that recording. Ina’s with us most of the time now, so it’s working out well in that respect. Happily, we’ve been making great progress and every day there’s been at least a couple of occasions we’ve all had to burst out into laughter over an experiment a quip a slip-up or anything, really. A very warm rehearsal room!


Picture of the Day





That about catches us up! And I’m definitely way overdue for bed now that I’ve finished writing this post. Though, the great thing about doing something you love is that you don’t feel that tiredness because every moment, even the challenging ones, is energising.


If you want to see more Pictures of the Day as they’re sent out to the net or just see a few more snippets on the show, check out the #Fantastical tag on Twitter!

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